Global Surgical and Anesthesia Workforce Mapping Project

Visualizing the world's perioperative workforce

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a unified, accessible hub for exploring the global perioperative workforce. Recognizing the fragmented nature of information in the global surgery space, our platform aims to consolidate various workforce maps into a single, user-friendly interface. This initiative is not just about data aggregation; it's a step towards greater collaboration and understanding in global healthcare.

By providing a comprehensive view of the perioperative workforce worldwide, we empower researchers, policymakers, and healthcare professionals to make informed decisions, foster connections, and ultimately, improve surgical care globally.

Our Maps

Global Anesthesia Workforce Map

Global Anesthesia Workforce Map
  • Anesthesia provider numbers by country
  • Provider density (per 100,000 population)
  • Non-physician providers (Nurse Anesthetists and others)
Global Otolaryngologist/ENT Workforce
Global Anesthesia Workforce Map
  • Number of ENT physicians per country
  • and per 100,000 population (density)
Global Neurosurgical Workforce

Global Anesthesia Workforce Map
  • Number of neurosurgeons per country,
  • and per 100,000 population (density)
Anesthesiologists in Central, East, and Southern Africa
Global Anesthesia Workforce Map
  • Explore the locations of working anesthesiologists in the Central, East, and Southern Africa region
  • See providers at the level of the individual hospital, and aggregated by district